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FFL Vault is a revolutionary way to store, verify, and manage FFLs between firearms dealers and the ATF.

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FFL Vault helps dealers manage their Federal Firearms Licenses (FFLs).

FFL Vault is built specifically for the firearms dealer industry, with help from key industry-players. By getting everyone working together we’re reducing the work that each dealer has to do.

You are spending hours a month managing your FFLs, we’ll take that workload and automate the process—freeing you up to do what you do best.

FFL Vault includes:

  • Manage your own FFL for free—control who can access it and how they access it.
  • Several levels of privacy and security ensuring your data is shared the way you prefer it to be.
  • Instantly know if an FFL is verified against the ATF database. The database is imported regularly from the ATF and a verification process is run on the entire current list.
  • An ATF audit report. In the event you are audited by the ATF we will export a report with everything you need to stay FFL compliant.

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Look up your information, upload your current FFL, and claim your account. 

FFL Vault is for verified FFL holders only and is not available to the general public. You can use FFL Vault to send your FFL for free, need to do more with it? Check out our pricing plans

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FFL Vault is built specifically for the firearms dealer industry.


No more filing cabinets cluttering up your office. No more papers strewn around. Keep all of your FFL transfer records security stored and backed up. 

Access Anywhere

Send, request, and manage FFL transfers from anywhere you are. FFL Vault works on all of the latest internet browsers, tablets, and mobile phones. Keep transfers flowing, even when you aren't in the office.

ATF Audit Trail

FFL Vault will store every FFL that is sent or received and compiles that into a downloadable ATF Audit Report. With just a push of a button you can grab all of your data and share it with the ATF when requested. 

Renewal Reminders

Let us help you stay on top of your FFL. FFL Vault will send you renewal reminders and let you know when you need to upload a new FFL scan to keep things moving along. Have an extension letter? No problem, you can upload that and we'll track it for you as well. 


Your data is your data. Only you can see your FFL transfers and requests.


Your data is protected with the latest encryption and cyber defense measures. Hey, we come from insider-threat management and we get how important this is. Your data is also regularly backed up in the cloud. 

Information Lookup

FFL Vault works like the best address book you've ever used. All the information you need to make a transfer is at your fingertips and is easier to use than the other online tools. 

ATF Database Sync

Our database regularly syncs with the ATF database as it's published. Our information is as up to date as possible and we're working on real-time connections. 

What happens if the ATF Audits your business tomorrow? 

Are you ready to have your FFL management, verification and storage process audited? How much time would you lose getting ready for an audit?

Now imagine being ready with the  push of a button.

FFL Vault makes this a reality. Request an invite to be the first to know when we’re on boarding new FFL holders.

By getting everyone working together we’re reducing the work that each dealer has to do. From storage to audit trails to crowd-sourcing FFLs, we are building the solution for your firearms business.

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