See how much you can save with FFL Vault

We are excited to release our new Savings Calculator. We took the information from our Firearms Industry Research Survey and displayed our results in various business cases.

We were so excited about the savings we can offer gun shops and manufacturers that we decided we needed to make a tool so that everyone can see for themselves how much FFL Vault will save them!

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Firearm Industry Research Request

How much time do you spend every month dealing with Requesting, Sending, Validating, and storing Federal Firearm Licences?

Firearms Industry Research SurveyWhen I was managing a repair facility for a large firearm manufacturer, I was always looking to reduce my labor hours. One aspect of the business that always drove me up the wall was getting copies of FFLs for validation.

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Guide to Federal Firearms License Numbers

Guide to Federal Firearms License Numbers (FFL Numbers)

Have you ever looked at your FFL and wondered what the numbers mean? You can tell a lot about where a dealer, manufacturer, or importer is located based on their FFL number. Here we break down the number and include some graphics and some lists.

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