How do I claim my account?

Claiming your account is an easy 4 step process:

  1. Look up your FFL and select it
  2. Upload a signed copy of your FFL
  3. Verify you are the owner of the FFL
  4. Set up your account

How to Claim Your Account video walkthrough

Let's look at what happens during those steps.

Look up your FFL

FFL Vault pulls the ATF's Federal Firearms License database into our system. This is how we already have information on all currently valid FFLs. Once you find your FFL you select it to move on.

Only the rightful owner of the FFL can claim an FFL. This is just one of many security measures in place to ensure the security and integrity of the FFL Vault platform. No consumers or non-FFL holders can get into FFL Vault.

Upload a signed copy of your FFL

Once you've found your FFL you will upload a signed copy (make sure it's signed!). Please make sure your uploaded image is clear and focused.

Don't have your FFL on you right now? No problem. You can skip this step and upload it later. Not a fan of computer uploads? You can use your mobile phone to snap a picture or fax or mail it to us and we'll get it attached to your account.

Verify you are the owner of the FFL

Only verified FFL holders are eligible to access FFL Vault. You can verify your FFL by phone, credit card address match or by providing additional documents. Information about each option is available when you get to that step in the process.

Please note, credit cards are not charged for verification—you may see a pre-authorization for $1 from your credit card company but this is automatically refunded/cancelled upon verification. 

Set up your account

You'll finish by choosing a password and other account information. You will automatically have a Basic account, letting you manage your FFL for FREE and giving you 10 free FFL requests.

Once you've used FFL Vault to get started we invite you to upgrade to:

  • Silver Plan — more FFL transfers per month
  • Gold Account — manage multiple logins and even more FFL transfers
  • Platinum Plan — manage multiple FFLs, multiple logins, and unlimited FFL requests

See pricing plans here ›

Claim Your FFL
FFL Vault is the easiest way to manage your FFL between dealers, manufacturers, gun stores, and the ATF. Claim your account today.