Firearm Industry Research Request

How much time do you spend every month dealing with Requesting, Sending, Validating, and storing Federal Firearm Licences?

Firearms Industry Research SurveyWhen I was managing a repair facility for a large firearm manufacturer, I was always looking to reduce my labor hours. One aspect of the business that always drove me up the wall was getting copies of FFLs for validation.

The second aspect of the business that absolutely drove me crazy was the filing of these FFLs.  When I started, I had more than 35 filing cabinets full of paperwork.  One of my many changes to the department was going paperless, so over a year, these filing cabinets were emptied after the paperwork was scanned and stored electronically.  The amount of time and floor space that was saved surprised even me when it was all done.

During this time, I had an idea on how I could help reduce these headaches.  I started working on a solution that I believe will help the industry with this universal issue.

Then I asked myself,

How much time do other FFL holders actually spend dealing with FFLs?  

So, I hope I can ask a favor so I can gather some basic data...

  1. Please fill in this quick 7 question survey.
  2. Forward this to other FFL holders that you know.
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I will send back a summary of your monthly time spent dealing with FFLs and how that compares to other respondents.

By answering the survey I am hoping I can help save you time, money, and headaches for years to come! 

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