Enterprise Plan

Have more than 25 FFLs to manage?

Tell us a little more about what you are doing and we'll work with you to put together the best solution. 

FFL Vault came from time spent managing a repair facility for a large firearms manufacturer.

Looking for ways to reduce labor hours and paperwork we thought, "there has to be something better". Even after the entire facility went paperless, the storage, transfer, and management of FFLs was still a pain for everyone.

By getting everyone working together we’re reducing the work that each person has to do.


No more filing cabinets cluttering up your office. No more papers strewn around. Keep all of your FFL transfer records security stored and backed up.

Renewal Reminders

Let us help you stay on top of your FFL. FFL Vault will send you renewal reminders and let you know when you need to upload a new FFL scan to keep things moving along. Have an extension letter? No problem, you can upload that and we'll track it for you as well.


Your data is your data. Only you can see your FFL transfers and requests.


Your data is protected with the latest encryption and cyber defense measures. Hey, we come from insider-threat management and we get how important this is. Your data is also regularly backed up in the cloud.

ATF Database Sync

Our database regularly syncs with the ATF database as it's published. Our information is as up to date as possible and we're working on real-time connections.

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