See how much you can save with FFL Vault

We are excited to release our new Savings Calculator. We took the information from our Firearms Industry Research Survey and displayed our results in various business cases.

We were so excited about the savings we can offer gun shops and manufacturers that we decided we needed to make a tool so that everyone can see for themselves how much FFL Vault will save them!

You will need to know and estimate a few things:

  • How many FFLs your shop maintains (probably just 1 unless you are a manufacturer or you have several shops).
  • Estimate how many FFLs you receive per month. 
  • Estimate how many FFLs you send per month. 
  • How long it takes you to send and receive. We have some guidelines for you.

We have seen hobby/home-based shops save around $450 (hey, don't knock it, that's almost the price for a new Glock every year). Large shops can save several THOUSAND dollars. What could your business do with the extra cash and easier management? That doesn't even take into account how much easier and more convenient managing, storing and transferring your FFL is using FFL Vault!

Don't take our word for it! Try the Savings Calculator yourself. 

Want to see the calculations we did? Download our business case PDF showcasing hobby/home-based, small, medium, and large businesses.

Have a question or need help with figuring out which plan is for you? Contact us, we are happy to answer your questions and help you choose a plan.


FFL Vault is the easiest way to manage your FFL between dealers, manufacturers, gun stores, and the ATF. Claim your account today.