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Joe's Gun Shop
Hobby / Home Business

saves $432.00 annually

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Joe’s Gun Shop is a small, home based business that he runs to generate a little extra cash and to give him the ability to get discounts on the guns he wants to personally buy.

He sells on auction sites occasionally and handles a few firearm transfers for close friends.

He buys from 2 distributors and a couple of firearm manufactures directly. He uses a paper filing system for both bound books and FFL records.

  • # of FFL requests monthly: 5
  • # of FFL sends monthly: 5
  • FFL Vault Plan: Free / Pay-as-you-go

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Mike's Gun Shop
Small Business

saves $1,183.80 annually

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Mike’s Gun shop is a small retail business that he runs as his full time business.

He retails firearms, does a little gunsmithing, and offers occasional classes to his customers.

Transferring firearms for customers allows him to bring additional foot traffic into his store. He is busy all the time, and is growing year over year!

He uses both paper and computer for files.

  • # of FFL requests monthly: 18
  • # of FFL sends monthly: 10
  • FFL Vault Plan: Silver

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Marisa's Gun Shop
Medium Business

saves $2,473.80 annually

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Marisa’s Gun Shop is a busy Gun shop with several employees and a range that keeps foot traffic busy most of the day.

Gun sales are solid with a dedicated staff member that participates in auction sites. They also have a decent web presence that drive a lot of awareness and some sales. One of the shop guys does minor repairs and they help customers send firearms to manufactures for repairs. There has been discussion internally of adding a second store in a nearby town.

She is primarily computerized, but still has some paper files lingering around.

  • # of FFL requests monthly: 41
  • # of FFL sends monthly: 25
  • FFL Vault Plan: Gold

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Guns R Us
Large Business

saves $6,810.00 annually

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Guns R Us firearm shop is a regional favorite for the outdoor, hunting, and gun enthusiast.

With 10 locations (and an FFL for each location), they are the place to go for everything outdoors! They host gunsmiths and custom performance shops, sponsor shooting events, and even pick up the trash on the highway they sponsor.

Their pro-shop houses the largest selection of firearms from many manufactures and are always running aggressive specials both inhouse and online. They don’t particularly want to do transfers for customers, that isn’t their core business, but for $75 they will.

  • # of FFL requests monthly: 210
  • # of FFL sends monthly: 60
  • FFL Vault Plan: Platinum / 10 Total FFLs

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The FFL Vault savings calculator will show you how much you can save by switching to FFL Vault for your FFL storage, management, and transfers. 


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